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Digital Marketing
SEO Tips for 2018

Common Types of Digital Marketing Strategies

media marketing

Digital marketing involves the use of digital devices when doing marketing of goods and services. The widespread use of the Internet has completely transformed the world. This is because new trends have arisen especially in the business industry. The marketing industry has not been left behind and that has brought to the rising of the digital marketing.

This widely involves advertising your services and goods online. There are several types of digital marketing that people use. These include; social media marketing, search engine optimization, content marketing, email marketing, affiliating marketing, radio advertising, television advertising amongst others.

Content marketing

mediaThis is among the most commonly used types of digital marketing in the world. The main aim of content marketing is to build relationships with the clients and customers as opposed to advertising.

It is the art of using techniques such as storytelling as well as giving valuable information to the consumer with the view of increasing the brand awareness. This well-defined target audience with the aim of driving profitable action.

Television advertising

Another very common type of digital marketing is television advertising. This has been perfectly applied especially when advertisers break up in the most watched TV programs. Most people watch televisions at home as well as in their offices. This makes the advertising successful to a greater extent especially when its done in the appropriate time and manner.

Social media marketing

In the recent times, social media marketing has earned its place in the digital marketing industry. This basically involves the use of social media platforms as well as websites to carry out promotion of goods and services.

This broadly involves marketing by engaging in conversations within social media. Some of the commonly used platforms include; facebook, twitter and Instagram. Facebook is the largest platform that is being used since it has a great number of users and thus aiding advertisers to have a huge target audience.

Search engine optimization

This is another common type of digital marketing. Many advertisers have applied this type of digital marketing and achieved to reach a good number of clients. SEO involves optimizing of websites or content to ensure that they show up in search engines, for example, Google whenever one conducts a search.

When one optimizes their online content, search engines will display it among the top results of specific keywords or even phrases. It is, however, important to use the accepted ways of optimizing the sites since some are not accepted and may lead to penalties.

Email marketing

Another frequently used type of digital marketing is email marketing. This greatly depends on the number of email subscribers you have in your account. The bigger the number of subscribers the more successful email marketing will be.

Regular updates are sent to the subscribers and this helps in nurturing a relationship with the customers. It also helps in building trust with the audience and eventually converting some to customers.

Many types of digital marketing have been successfully used and yielded results. The above types are just but a few of them.…

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Benefits of Search Engine Optimization to a New Business


Every new business has to invest in search engine optimization to avoid loss of funds every day. SEO helps in optimizing the business website to maximize organic traffic for search engines. These search engines may include youtube, Google, Yahoo, and Bing. If you want to become a successful businessman, you need to have an effective search engine optimization strategy.

This is because you will tend to have potential customers who are using search engines on a daily basis. Below are the benefits of search engine optimization you should know while starting a new business.

SEO brings more customers to your business

Business growthWhile you are starting a new business, you tend to have so many competitors when it comes to the customer base. You must stand out by having a good website that will attract more customers to your business.

Search engine optimization has been the most affordable and efficient marketing strategy in today’s business world, make sure it is of good use while you are starting a new business. This is because it brings in customers who are seeking to find your service and products. It also helps you in spending few hours of time, less money and less energy.

SEO is one of the smartest marketing investments

This is one of the smartest marketing investments that you should know. It is a long-term asset for your new business and it generates sales, traffic and leads. Your potential customers will be searching for it and it does not advertise.

Start your business by investing in a search engine optimization which will help your business grow without networking, other forms of advertising, and cold calling. Try to be more powerful when you are competing with your competitors by using search engine optimization since most of them are might not be aware of it.

SEO helps in building brand awareness for businesses

SEO processWhen you are starting a new business, always target on building brand awareness. This means that you should be ranked highly on search engine result page. You must make your new business brand to be trusted by potential customers.

Make your sites to appear on the first page of major search engines such as Bing, Google, and Yahoo. This will enable your brand to be trusted by many since they will be searching for a particular term instead of searching for other brands that do not have a strong website.

SEO is ranked best for social media

Any webpage with high ranking will always gain in social media exposure. Always note that relationship between social media and search engine optimization is bi-directional. Search engine optimization tends to bring more social media visibility, while social media popularity is good for search engine optimization purposes.

When it comes to starting a new business, searches are likely to tweet and like your services and products since they will be found in the first position of the search engine result.

These are just but a few search engine optimization benefits you should always consider while starting a new business.…

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